Design Homework due Wednesday, May 23 Guest Artist- William Duffy

As part of a generous grant from the Burlington Educational Foundation alumni and artist  William Duffy will be coming to BHS to work with Design and History students. In preparation for his artist residency I would like you to read his biography, look up his work and answer the questions on the form.


Public Commissions Artist Bill Duffy created this work over a span of thirty years. Francis Scott Key is the most recent, The Clinton 12 very complex and Alice & The Red Queen the earliest installed in 1987.


Design Homework Due Wednesday, May 16

iPad Collage of Artists

This year we examined artwork by many artists. Please create a collage of the following artists on your iPad.

  • Jean Claude and Christo
  • Andy Goldsworthy
  • Keith Haring
  • Romare Bearden
  • Claes Oldenburg
  • Richard Sweeney
  • Herb Williams
  • Gottlieb Daimier

You may use a free collage app of your choice to create your collage.

Jesus recommends the following apps

Pic Collage

Design Homework Due Wednesday May 9

Sketchbook Assignments for Design

Go home and open a drawer. Visually inspect the contents and do not clean the drawer. Create a VALUE drawing of the contents of the drawer. You should have a broad range of values depicted as well as all of the forms of the objects in the drawer.


Design Homework- Due Wednesday, April 4

Wrapped Object Drawing | Sketchbook Assignment

Christo Inspired Art

Christo and JeanneClaude create temporary large-scale environmental artworks.

The purpose of their art, they contend, is simply to create works of art or joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes.

 Art critic David Bourdon has described Christo’s wrappings as a “revelation through concealment. To his critics Christo replies, “I am an artist, and I have to have courage … Do you know that I don’t have any artworks that exist? They all go away when they’re finished. Only the preparatory drawings and collages are left, giving my works an almost legendary character. I think it takes much greater courage to create things to be gone than to create things that will remain”.

ARTIST RESEARCH: The following is a list of famous works created by Christo. Please look at theses works and research the inspiration and purpose of the work.

Wrapped Coast , Valley Curtain , Running Fence, Wrapped Walk Ways, Surrounded Islands, Pont Neuf

Using your new knowledge on Christo and Jeanne‐Claude’s process choose an object of importance to you and wrap it. You may wrap it completely or partially reveal the object. By wrapping an object you can emphasize the object’s shape and turn it into a mystery.

After you have wrapped your object create a pencil drawing of an interesting, dynamic composition using this piece. You must show the folds, shadows, string etc.


  1. Set up wrapped still life of objects
  2. Create 4-6 thumbnails of the composition
  3. Decide on the most successful composition
  4. Create a light drawing by “ blocking” in the composition
  5. Create a detailed value drawing of the wrapped object
  6. Be sure to include values, folds and form

This assignment is from: Objects.pdf



Design Homework – Due Wednesday March 28

Nature Installation

Inspiration: Artist Andy Goldsworthy

Art Challenge: Create and document with photography a “nature installation” that utilizes the five elements of art: line, shape, value, texture, and value.

Instructions: Create an installation using elements from nature to create a work of art outdoors that utilizes some or all of the elements of art.

Document your outdoor creation with your ipad.

Edit and manipulate the photos

Select the strongest work of art


Prepare your ipad as the device to show your artwork in class to your classmates (charge, adjust brightness, clean your screen, etc.)

Discuss the relationship of your art to nature

Participate in the class critique

Explain how you utilized the elements of art

Internet Resources:

Earth Works -Putting Art Together for the Sake of the Earth

Andy Goldsworthy Online (Artcyclopedia)

Center for Global Environmental Education – Andy Goldsworthy

21st Century British Sculpture -Andy Goldsworthy | Andy Goldsworthy Portfolio

What is Art? What is an Artist? Photograph by Andy Goldsworthy – additional links provided

Nature and Nature: Andy Goldsworthy

Installation Art Questionaire


Installation art is a genre of art that incorporates any media to create a visceral and/or conceptual experience in a particular environment.

It can include any media from tree branches to words or, more traditional media such as sculpturevideosound, and space itself.

Some installations are site-specific; they can only exist in the space for which they were created.

Check out these examples of Installation Artists:

Andy Goldsworthy

Christo and Jean Claude

Complete the form below

Doodle for Google 2012 Contest

The 2012 contest them this year is ” If I could travel through time, I’d visit………..”

Watch the video here:

Look at the past doodles here:

What will you create?? Brainstorm and sketch ideas!